Rolex Oyster Perpetual Rotor: Perpetual Movement

Perpetual rotor was a big breakthrough back then, and it was beyond people’s imagination. In the next about 20 years, from the first watch that got certificate from COSC in 1910, the first Oyster watch that was water-proof, to the modern automatic winding watches in 1931, Rolex, and Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, brought three revolutions to watch industry, and there gave birth to the Perpetual that is accurate, solid, and water-proof. Perpetual rotor improve the accuracy of watch and make it wear comfortable, furthering perfect the Oyster.

Watch Revolution
If you take a close look at the simple lines, you will think of many milestones that Role has ever achieved. In 1931, Rolex invented this famous system that can not only provide energy for movement, but also brings a revolution to this field. This novel design is placed in the automatic winding watches, and the great influence it causes bring Rolex fames and crowns.

Getting Energy from Bearer
Perpetual rotor works this way: as long as you move your wrist gently, the hemi-sphere will rotates quietly. The rotor will drive gears work and energy will be send to barrels, and this energy will be reserved in barrels. In order to improve the efficiency, the red automatic rotor can rotates up and down. When the bearer does not wear it, the fully winding up barrels can provide two days energy. This accomplishment achieves all the wishes: perpetual rotor get unprecedented process after it was launched, and it symbols Rolex. This automatic winding system remain exclusive before 1948, and plus an Oyster case, it makes Rolex gained tremendous popularity. After patent came to end, it is applied widely into the watch industry. Perpetual rotor connects wearers and Oyster. In the past years, this system remain stable and provides the best performance for all Rolex watches.

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