Luxury Replica Watches – Swiss Patek Phillpe Replica Watches

Under the idea of “Pursue the perfect”, Patek Phillpe guarantee the best quality of its watch since it takes a long time produce one. It costs at least five years from design a watch to produce it: four years developing and 9 months producing and three months assembly and quality control and tests. Only pass through the such severe process and tests will a Patek Philippe watch comes to the market. And 5159R is the one that took such a long time to produce, an exquisite watch. Belonging to the chronograph plus its brand effective and high quality, Patek Philippe 5159 R would surely be the top among other watches. replica rolex Just likes its sibling 5159J, 5159R uses the same movement-Cal 316 SQR automatic movement. It can adjust automatically according to the days of moths and leap year situation. Such as powerful movement makes 5159R gracefully achieve complicated purposes.

Patek Phillpe has always been well-known for its exquisite techniques in complex chronograph during its 174 years’ history. One of the most excellent that can represent is Caliber 89 which, with 33 complex functions, became the most complicated mechanical chronograph and now still holds this record. Ref5001 Sky Moon Tourbillon is the most complicated watch in Patek Philippe’s watches and 12 functions are available on its 2 dials. Now, as the descendant, the birth of Ref.6002 redefine the concept of super-complex function by creating such a case and dial which only are achieved with top technology and continuing innovation in this industry.

Sky Moon Tourbillon Ref.6002 is processed with embossing techniques on its case with a 42.8 mm in diameter. In addition, it has minimum 38 hours of power reserve and maximum 48 hours. What means more to us is that it is a carving masterpiece. Its case is completely finished manually with a big piece of platinum as raw material. Calatrave crossing, arabesque and slight arc case is carved with precocious graver and any distraction will crash this case. So we can see there how much efforts Patek Philippe puts into the case.

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